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  • Roof gardens for 500 PLN/m2,

River House is a complex of three small three-storey buildings with underground garages and storage areas, designed by highly qualified group of experienced and widely recognised architects.

Materials of highest quality were used during finishing works of interior and elevation. Silent lifts were installed in buildings, to which lead exclusively finished entrance halls. There are from  2 to 5 flats on each storey. Cosy mood of the housing estate is underlined by inner atrium with carefully designed green architecture, decorative lighting and paths leading to stairwells.

Mermaid Properties introduced to its offer possibility to purchase own garden on the roof.  Thanks to such possibility even resident of the second or third floor can own a “green minipark” and arrange this area according to his preference. Size of garden varies from 30 to 60 m2. Owner of the garden, regardless of location of his flat, will be able to rest in the bosom of nature with family without leaving the housing estate.

The housing estate is situated in the vicinity of the Vistula River area. Neighbourhood of  Łazienki Królewskie, Agrykola and Kopiec Powstania Warszawskiego, Czerniakowski Torwar or skating rink Stegny creates fantastic recreational conditions. Developed municipal infrastructure in this area (kindergartens, schools, shops, chemists) and perfect communication makes River House an excellent place for residents.

Mokotów has enjoyed a very good reputation for many years. Proximity to the centre of Warsaw, access to green areas and recreational facilities makes River House a perfect place for living.

Parameters of the project:

  • Total amount of apartments: 94
  • Amount of the aboveground storeys: 4
  • Amount of available apartments: 0
  • Size of apartments: 41-120 m2
  • Height of apartments: 280 cm
  • Car park: underground

Solutions applied in the project:

  • Steel railing
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Playground at the courtyard
  • Central system of water treatment